The Charolais cattle is a beef breed which originated in central France in the region Charolles. It appeared in the markets of Lyon and Villefranche in the eighteenth century. They are mainly raised for their milk and meat, and they are very muscular. They have gradually become well-known for their high quality red meat conatining less fat since the beginning of the twentieth century.

       The Charolais breed appeared in other parts of the world only after the Second World War, now it is raised in about 100 countries around the world, in totally different climate and environment.

      Charolais cattle breed is one of the most widespread in Europe, especially in France. Being a tame animal it is easy to be kept and maintained, therefore preferred by the cattle breeders around the world.

      It is one of the most popular breeds due to the rapidity of growth, the quantity and quality of meat produced.

      Quality beef plays a leading role in the world of gastronomy. And Charolais beef is among the best, due to its high quality meat, dietetic and low concentrations of fat, containing only 10% fat compared to 15-30% of other breeds.

      One of the big advantages of the calves is the ability of putting on an average of 1.2-1.5 kg per day; Charolais calves demonstrate that they outperform growth rates by an increase of more than 2 kg per day.

      Because of these qualities you can benefit from the sale of fertile bulls besides meat production.

      Animals can be kept outdoors all year long. They can adjust well to cold weather, even to -25 degrees Celsius, if they are provided with shelter to keep them away from wind and wet weather. Therefore barns closed on all sides are used especially in the calving period (from December to March). Easy calving is the result of consistent selection and rational selection of the animals. Charolais cow is very docile and has high maternal instincts.

     The Charolais breed is white to cream-colored, and it is easy to recognize. The head is short with a broad forehead, short neck, strong, well muscled and short limbs and robust constitution. European version has shorter limbs and more muscular body, while the American version has longer limbs and a slimmer body. Mature cows have a weight of 700 -800 kg and fertile bulls of 1200 - 1300 kg.